Our Team

Product Manager

JAIME HARRIS – Product Manager – Data Visualization Hub

Jaime is the co-founder of eduCLIMBER. With experience as a school psychologist for 14 years, she focused her attention on finding solutions to help teachers and administrators. In 2006, Jaime introduced Response to Intervention to her k-12 staff. Jaime has provided countless in-service opportunities, and collaborates and consults with various staff in her efforts in implementing a multi-tiered system of supports for students in districts. As the Product Manager for data visualization, Jaime focuses her attention on products’ ease-of-use for all staff members in districts nationwide.

Product Development

MATT HARRIS – Senior Manager – Front-End Engineering

Matt is the co-founder of eduCLIMBER and senior manager for front-end engineering. He is a computer scientist who has over ten years of experience in technology. He has worked as a programmer, data-base administrator, and technology integrator. Pairing with his wife in 2003, they together developed a cloud solution to assist school districts with the daily task of data analysis.

DAVE MAZIARKA – Senior Software Engineer

Dave has been in the I.T. industry long enough to know a lot about a LOT. His versatility is key and makes for some creative aspects to eduCLIMBER.

JON CAPCIK – Software Engineer

Jon Capcik is our SQL Master! He makes sure your data is correct and delivered to you fast! With over 10 years experience in working with enterprise level databases, he knows what it takes to make sure eduCLIMBER hums along for you.

AVERY BUB – Software Engineer

Avery focuses his attention on the flow of information between the user-interface and the database to facilitate smooth usability.

JON RASMUSSEN – Software Engineer

Jon focuses his attention on the flow of information between the user-interface and the database to facilitate smooth usability.

LYNDSEY SCOVILLE – Software Engineer – Front-End Intern

Lyndsey is one of our support specialists and focuses her attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner. Recently, she decided to go to school for program development. With more focus on fine-tuning her skills on front-end design, she works as an intern learning software engineering.


Julie joins the Illuminate/eduCLIMBER team after seven years of assisting her district with curriculum and instruction, summer school, safety, gifted and talented, communications, and much more! She also acted as the assistant District Assessment Coordinator and was the district eduCLIMBER site administrator. Julie is excited to jump into the Ed Tech world as a QA.

Customer Experience

KRISTIN ROCKWELL – Corporate Learning and Development Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a master’s degree in Cross-Categorial Special Education with an ED emphasis, Kristin was a Cross-Categorical Special Education teacher and Academic Seminar teacher. In these positions, she implemented current strategies and techniques that were centered around responsive practices. She also held positions beginning in her second year of teaching as a PBIS Internal Coach and PBIS External Coach. Working as a leader in these initiatives, she was invited to present at state, national, and international events. During her teaching, she used her research on nonverbal communication in the classroom to build strong relationships with students and presented these topics (along with PBIS) at state, national, and international events. Kristin was a recipient of the Herb Kohl award in 2015 and was nominated and awarded the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Award in 2016. With our company since 2016, Kristin works as our Corporate Learning and Development Manager creating content for customized trainings and eLearning opportunities, developing our Learning Management System, organizing user summits and conferences, and aligning processes and documents for product releases. Working with the Customer Experience team, she drives districts’ success in delivering and ensuring high quality standards.

STACEY DAIGLE – Implementation Project Manager

Stacey has experience as a classroom teacher, literacy interventionist, literacy/instructional coach, and, most recently, reading specialist. She was a member of a Response to Intervention (RtI) district committee and helped to develop, implement, and support a multi-tiered system of support for the district where she worked. In her various roles, Stacey collaborated with staff (administrators, principals, teachers, interventionists, etc.) for data analysis as well as trained and supported staff with instructional practices, literacy interventions, the RtI process, and eduCLIMBER.

JESSICA ARNOLD – Customer Success Manager

Jessica joins the eduCLIMBER team after 9 years as the only school psychologist in a small district in rural Western Wisconsin. As the solo school psychologist, Jessica was required to wear many hats including: collaboration/consultation, providing school and district-wide presentations, conducting special education evaluations, and actively participating in multiple PBIS and MLSS teams within the district. Data analysis has been one of Jessica’s passions throughout her career as proper data analysis and goal setting will have a direct impact on students’ success. The introduction of eduCLIMBER was a true game changer. Jessica has worked collaboratively with teachers, reading specialists, and administrators to analyze academic and behavioral data and to make student-centered decisions.

KELLIE KILDE – Customer Success Manager

Kellie comes to us with 20 years of educational experience from her previous school district where she served as a Special Education teacher, Dean of Students, and Elementary Intervention Specialist. She was also the site administrator for eduCLIMBER and is proud to have been part of one the first districts that signed on with the company. She is skilled in PBIS and RTI best practices and has trained staff with academic and behavioral interventions as well as the use of eduCLIMBER as it supports these systems.

Data Specialists

JOSEF MUELLER – Configuration and Deployment Specialist

Everybody loves Joe! If you’ve worked with him, you know why! When your district is ready to climb, he helps you get all your gear ready. Fast response, great depth of knowledge and great conversationalist, Joe will make sure you are satisfied with your implementation.

JOHN TIMM – Data Specialist

John is our first level of support for getting your eduCLIMBER system setup. He listens to your needs and tries to find a solution quickly. He takes pride in making sure you get your answers quickly and accurately!

STEPHANIE LOVE – Data Specialist

Stephanie joins the Data Team of eduCLIMBER as a Data Specialist. With years of experience as an administrative assistant in her school district, she most recently served as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Instruction. In this position, she was the site administrator for eduCLIMBER for the district. Working in eduCLIMBER was always her favorite part of the day, and she is excited to help other districts use eduCLIMBER everyday!


MICHAEL HARRIS – Director of District Partnerships

Michael leads our partnerships efforts for eduCLIMBER. Michael is passionate about improving student outcomes and is committed to ensuring that all of our clients achieve their goals. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration and creating shared goals with our district partners and leverages best practices in change management, project management, and continuous improvement. He is also a trained educator with degree in Broadfield Social Studies for grades 6-12.

Support Specialists

JOEL WAHRLE – Support Specialist

Joel is one of our support specialists and focuses his attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner.

CHRIS MOOR – Support Specialist

Chris is one of our support specialists and focuses his attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner.

DELIA ARMIJO – Support Specialist

Delia is one of our support specialists and focuses her attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner.