Our Team

MATT HARRIS – Lead Developer

Matt is the lead programmer and developer of our application. He is a computer scientist who has over ten years of experience in technology. He has worked as a programmer, data-base administrator and technology integrator. He paired up with his wife, a practicing school psychologist, to develop a cloud solution to assist her with the daily tasks of data analysis.

JAIME HARRIS – Lead Strategist

Jaime is a practicing school psychologist who works closely with administrators, teachers, and specialists in a small school district in Southern Wisconsin. As the only psychologist in her school district, Jaime has been responsible for many roles and responsibilities. In 2006, she introduced Response to Intervention to her k-12 staff. Jaime has provided countless in-service opportunities, and collaborates and consults with various staff in her efforts in implementing a now successful multi-tiered system of supports for students in her district. Jaime continues to assist in data analysis through grade-level meetings, assisting staff in creating realistic Student Learning Objectives, and analyzing student response to intervention at the universal, selected and intensive levels.

JON CAPCIK – Backend Software Engineer and Database Designer

Jon Capcik is our SQL Master! He makes sure your data is correct and delivered to you fast! With over 10 years experience in working with enterprise level databases, he knows what it takes to make sure eduCLIMBER hums along for you.

JOSEF MUELLER – Configuration and Deployment Specialist

Everybody loves Joe! If you’ve worked with him, you know why! When your district is ready to climb, he helps you get all your gear ready. Fast response, great depth of knowledge and great conversationalist, Joe will make sure you are satisfied with your implementation.

DAVE MAZIARKA – Programmer

Dave has been in the I.T. industry long enough to know a lot about a LOT. His versatility is key and makes for some creative aspects to eduCLIMBER.

JOHN TIMM – Support Specialist

John is our first level of support. He listens to your needs and tries to find a solution quickly. He takes pride in making sure you get your answers quickly and accurately!

KRISTIN ROCKWELL – Instructional Designer

Kristin was a Cross-Categorical Special Education teacher and Academic Seminar teacher. In these positions, she implemented current strategies and techniques that were centered around responsive practices. She also held positions as a PBIS Internal Coach and PBIS External Coach. Working as a leader in these initiatives, she was invited to present at state, national, and international events. Kristin was a recipient of the Herb Kohl award in 2015. With our company now, Kristin works as our Instructional Designer working on trainings, advertising, and marketing.

LYNDSEY SCOVILLE – Support Specialist

Lyndsey is one of our support specialists and focuses her attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner.

AVERY BUB – Programmer

Avery focuses his attention on the flow of information between the user-interface and the database to facilitate smooth usability.

JOEL WAHRLE – Support Specialist

Joel is the newest member to the eduCLIMBER team. He is one of our support specialists and focuses his attention on responding to your inquires and questions in a timely manner.

STACEY DAIGLE – Account Relations Coordinator

Stacey has experience as a classroom teacher, literacy interventionist, literacy/instructional coach, and, most recently, reading specialist. She was a member of a Response to Intervention (RtI) district committee and helped to develop, implement, and support a multi-tiered system of support for the district where she worked. In her various roles, Stacey collaborated with staff (administrators, principals, teachers, interventionists, etc.) for data analysis as well as trained and supported staff with instructional practices, literacy interventions, the RtI process, and eduCLIMBER.