FREE WEBINAR: Behavior Interventions Customization and Use

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018

Time: 9:30am – 11:00am

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eduCLIMBER can track the effects of behavior interventions by helping monitor various observable emotional or behavioral skills. Through this feature, you and your team members can easily analyze the efficacy of the behavioral interventions at the system level and student level. You are able to generate a breakdown of specific behaviors, times within the day, and weekdays students have more or less success. eduCLIMBER also supports a web collection tool (electronic point sheet) where teachers can record student scores without the need for carrying various paper point sheets.

– Behavior intervention analysis
– Creating behavior intervention templates
– Adding students to behavior interventions
– Accessing the web collection tool (electronic point sheet)
– Entering scores

To access all of these features, you will need the permissions to “Manage intervention configuration” and “Search by interventionist” – please speak with your site administrator for eduCLIMBER to ensure these permissions are added to your account. If the permissions are not added to your account, you can still watch the webinar to gather the information. All users for the webinar will be given information on further details of this training.

Connecting to the Webinar
Prior to the webinar, you will be emailed a link to connect to the webinar. This email will also include information for best setup.

*Please note this webinar will be recorded and placed on our User Guides for future reference.

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