eduCLIMBER Privacy and Data Security (owned by Maryn Solutions LLC, further defined as eduCLIMBER) has established this privacy and data security pledge in order to help our clients understand how the information you provide to us is handled and secured. eduCLIMBER reserves the right to change this document at any time with a 30 days notice to our clients unless federal or state laws requirements determine otherwise.

The following applies to subscription services

How does eduCLIMBER handle your data?
We at eduCLIMBER believe your data is your data! eduCLIMBER is your interaction interface for that data. eduCLIMBER does not sell student or user data in any way, whether for marketing, external or third party research.

As part of the work we do, it requires us to consolidate a lot of information into one system. In order to provide the services we do, our software requires student name, date of birth, district/state IDs in order to help correlate student information across different district data sources. From a district level, we collect staff first and last names as well as district email addresses for sign-on purposes and notifications. eduCLIMBER uses end to end encryption of all data. From transmission to the client, backups and across our server environment.

eduCLIMBER may use the district data to perform district requested enhancements or diagnosing system issues, whether through district requested support or bug fixes. This data is only used by approved eduCLIMBER employees and support personnel.

eduCLIMBER does not disclose student information to requesting parties unless required to do so by state or federal law. Any inquiries regarding student data should be directed at the district themselves.

District Usage
eduCLIMBER has strong password requirement for our users to help ensure they are setting secure passwords. Districts leveraging Single Sign On software use the password requirements of the verification software that are managed by a third party or by the client.

Districts are required to manage user access and permission on their end. At no point will eduCLIMBER change these values without the request of the district and coming from approved individuals.

eduCLIMBER does not control which data is sent and reported on by the district. Nor can we control how that data is shared by district employees or users the district has added to their installation.

Data Breach Policy
eduCLIMBER follows industry standard “best practice” approaches to protecting data. In the event of a breach, eduCLIMBER will work to identify the scope and nature of the breach. eduCLIMBER will respond and remedy the breach in a quick, efficient manner or will determine short term solution to prevent the breach from continuing. During this time, eduCLIMBER will do our best to ensure system availability is not compromised for our users.

After the breach has been identified and resolved, eduCLIMBER will determine the clients affected and notify the district’s defined eduCLIMBER administrator, if their data was compromised.

When will eduCLIMBER disclose our information?
eduCLIMBER will only disclose information outside the district when requested by State/Federal request or by court order. In the event of such a request, the district will be informed ahead of disclosure to give them time to analyze the request and scope.

eduCLIMBER will also disclose information at our client’s request, if submitted in writing.