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After years of watching his wife create spreadsheets and graphs of student data, Matt offered to help Jaime by coding a program to run some of the data for her in the spring of 2013. As the fall approached, Jaime anticipated using the newly built program to assist her team with analyzing their classroom and school-wide data. These conversations led to Jaime asking Matt to add some more features to better assist problem-solving decisions. Jaime began discussing the potential use of this program at the district-level and began consulting with her team of administrators, specialists and teachers.

The intention behind the initial program was to create an application as a favor, which quickly became something more than the couple anticipated. With the focus being the program “needs to be easy for teachers to use,” the use of the program came up in discussion with other local districts in southern Wisconsin. These colleagues urged Jaime to market the product and offered to pilot it in their districts. Word began spreading about the intuitive design and application to real-life educators. As more districts realized the benefits of this program to improve their use of data in instruction and educational decisions, Jaime and Matt were eager to continue its development. Today, users are “amazed” with the features of eduCLIMBER. eduCLIMBER is constantly and continuously evolving as Jaime, Matt, and their team work closely with educators and administrators to develop an innovative solution to the various data at districts' fingertips.

What is eduCLIMBER?

eduCLIMBER is a unique cloud-based data system created for educators by educators. More than a warehouse or RtI add-on, we’ve created a solution for you to continuously improve student outcomes. Making data analysis more efficient and accurate, our users are able to maximize their time to focus on what’s important-teaching and helping students. Schools are quickly seeing the value of using eduCLIMBER to manage both academic and behavioral data in one system. This helps them identify and create a continuum of multiple supports for all students. Our application supports best practices with focus on creating sustainable and successful systems change through effective data-based decision making and identifying professional development needs.

Easily import data from nearly any standardized norm-referenced, criterion-refrerenced or teachermade formative/summative assessment along with data from your student information system. eduCLIMBER was created to provide necessary information for data analysis and systems change. It has evolved into more; our users create SLOs, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions within their districts, monitor fidelity of interventions, analyze behavior incidents and student behavior plans as part of PBIS.


eduCLIMBER is different. We’ve evolved as a product and a company because of our amazing users-practicing educators. With constant feedback, we are evolving and eager to assist as schools use their data. We are passionate about making this everything that educators want in a data system.

When combining the expertise in your district with centralized data, your team can make decisions and enhance your system. Create intervention groups, track strategies and meetings, monitor student progress and fidelity in one application. We work to automatize the data so there’s no need to worry about spending time on data entry.

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