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Education has mountains of data. Let us manage it for you.

Data Warehouse

Spend more time analyzing your data by letting us correlate various state, district, and teacher-made assessments. Enhance your data-based decision making to efficiently and accurately analyze student and systems data. eduCLIMBER support almost everything! From NWEA MAP, STAR, AIMSweb to Fountas and Pinnell and any local made assessment you can think of!

Problem Solving

Use your assessment data to determine intervention and instruction necessary for a student, groups of students or whole classes. Designed to help you implement RtI in an MLSS framework to meet the needs of your students.


Report on all incident data, in one interface.  A fully customizable PBIS suite, including monitoring CICO and DBRCs, that allows your district to report on your data to meet your specific needs.

Create SLOs

Quickly and easily set rigorous yet realistic achievement targets to be met by the students. Generate, manage, and modify SLOs and professional strategies as part of Educator Effectiveness. eduCLIMBER helps ease the stress of the goal-setting process.

User Dashboard

View and interact with various student tasks (intervention sessions, monitor growth, record comments and measure fidelity) and professional tasks (SLOs & PPGs). Quickly access ongoing building or district interventions and associated data.

Monitor Growth

Monitor student progress toward goals, benchmarks and percentile ranks quickly and easily. Import or record data from CBMs, CATs, or IRIs & analyze ROI to determine ongoing student needs. Record progress in behavior with frequency counts and more.

Support & Training

You’ll get quick and friendly support when you need it. Take advantage of our professional development opportunities. Our users report 100% satisfaction with our support team. We work with you to ensure you know how to use eduCLIMBER. It’s all included with our low subscription cost.

  • Our Story

    About Our Story

    After years of watching his wife create spreadsheets and graphs, Matt offered to help Jaime by coding a program to run some of the data for her in the spring of 2013. As the fall approached, Jaime anticipated using the new “program” to assist her team with analyzing their classroom and school-wide data and asked Matt to add some more features. Jaime began discussing the potential use of this program at the district-level and began consulting with her team of administrators, specialists and teachers.

    The intention was to create an application as a favor, which quickly became something more than the couple anticipated. Always stressing that “it needs to be easy for teachers to use,” the use of the program came up in discussion with other local districts in southern Wisconsin. These colleagues urged Jaime to market the product and offered to pilot it in their districts. Word began spreading about the intuitive design and application to real-life educators. Quickly, more districts began signing on to improve their use of data in instruction and educational decisions. Users are “amazed” with the features of eduCLIMBER and it is quickly evolving as Matt and Jaime work closely with districts to develop an innovative solution to the various data at their fingertips.

  • Matt Harris

    Lead Developer

    About Matt Harris

    Matt is the lead programmer and developer of our application. He is a computer scientist who has over ten years of experience in technology. He has worked as a programmer, data-base administrator and technology integrator. He paired up with his wife, a practicing school psychologist, to develop a cloud solution to assist her with the daily tasks of data analysis.

  • Jaime Harris

    Lead Strategist

    About Jaime Harris

    Jaime is a practicing school psychologist who works closely with administrators, teachers, and specialists in a small school district in Southern Wisconsin. As the only psychologist in her school district, Jaime has been responsible for many roles and responsibilities. In 2006, she introduced Response to Intervention to her k-12 staff. Jaime has provided countless in-service opportunities, and collaborates and consults with various staff in her efforts in implementing a now successful multi-tiered system of supports for students in her district. Jaime continues to assist in data analysis through grade-level meetings, assisting staff in creating realistic Student Learning Objectives, and analyzing student response to intervention at the universal, selected and intensive levels.

  • Jon Capcik

    Backend Software Engineer and Database Designer

    About Jon Capcik

    Jon Capcik is our SQL Master!  He makes sure your data is correct and delivered to you fast!  With over 10 years experience in working with enterprise level databases, he knows what it takes to make sure eduCLIMBER hums along for you.

  • Josef Mueller

    Configuration and Deployment Specialist

    About Josef Mueller

    Everybody loves Joe!  If you’ve worked with him, you know why!  When your district is ready to climb, he helps you get all your gear ready.  Fast response, great depth of knowledge and great conversationalist, Joe will make sure you are satisfied with your implementation.

  • Dave Maziarka


    About Dave Maziarka

  • John Timm

    Support Specialist

    About John Timm

  • Kristin Rockwell

    Instructional Designer

    About Kristin Rockwell

    Kristin was a Cross-Categorical Special Education teacher and Academic Seminar teacher. In these positions, she implemented current strategies and techniques that were centered around responsive practices. She also held positions as a PBIS Internal Coach and PBIS External Coach. Working as a leader in these initiatives, she was invited to present at state, national, and international events. Kristin was a recipient of the Herb Kohl award in 2015. With our company now, Kristin works as our Instructional Designer working on trainings, advertising, and marketing.

  • Lori Mueller - Baraboo School District, Superintendent

    Our teachers immediately gravitated to this tool due to its user-friendly interface and ability to increase efficiency in making instructional decisions.  Academic and behavioral data is right at our fingertips for planning intervention, enrichment, and monitoring progress with SLOs.  The customer service and response from Matt and Jaime has led to a strong, collegial relationship that ultimately benefits our students.

  • Jessica Arnold Ed.S, School Psychologist for the School District of Bloomer

    This might be the school psych in me talking, but I have never liked a site/program/data warehouse more than I like EduCLIMBER. We have had formal data meetings and informal conversations since the beginning of the year. I can pull up any data I need in the blink of an eye. It is incredible.

  • Michelle Marschel, Curriculum Coordinator Salem School District

    Its been my experience working with the eduCLIMBER team that they have a tremendous grasp of the diverse needs of each school system's data analysis.  Their ability to customize and tailor their tool to the specific needs of a district is unmatched, and they thrive upon making the turn around of data instantaneous as well as user friendly.  They have a great grasp of education, and a passion to see districts using their data to meet the needs of their student communities.

  • Tim Schell, Director of Instruction - School District of Waunakee

    Definitely the best onboarding training I have experienced in my career!

  • Lacy Gilbertson - Data Specialist - New Glarus School District,

    In-depth training in all areas of eduCLIMBER. I now feel like I can be my district's expert instead of just setting up things on the back end of the system. I'm excited to start showing all staff members what is available in eduCLIMBER!

  • Jodi Veleke, Data Coordinator Clintonville School District

    This. Is. Awesome.

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