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eduCLIMBER Has Many Awesome Features

Data Warehouse

Spend more time analyzing your data by letting us correlate various state, district, and teacher-made assessments. Enhance your data-based decision making to efficiently and accurately analyze student and systems data. eduCLIMBER support almost everything!

Support & Training

You’ll get quick and friendly support when you need it. Our users report 100% satisfaction with our support team. We work with you to ensure you know how to use eduCLIMBER. It’s all included with our low subscription cost.

Growth Monitor

Monitor student progress toward goals, benchmarks and percentile ranks quickly and easily. Import or record data from CBMs, CATs, or IRIs & analyze ROI to determine ongoing student needs. Record progress in behavior with frequency counts and more.

User Dashboard

View and interact with various student tasks (intervention sessions, monitor growth, record comments and measure fidelity) and professional tasks (SLOs & PPGs). Quickly access ongoing building or district interventions and associated data.

Create SLOS

Quickly and easily set rigorous yet realistic achievement targets to be met by the students. Generate, manage, and modify SLOs and professional strategies as part of Educator Effectiveness. eduCLIMBER helps ease the stress of the goal-setting process.


Report on all incident data, in one interface. A fully customizable PBIS suite, including monitoring CICO and DBRCs, that allows your district to report on your data to meet your specific needs.

Interactive Data Analysis

Interact and click on graphics to drill into the data, & pin the ones you want to see to your dashboard. Identify skill trends, strengths and weakness in your school. Cross correlate math vs. reading, letter grades vs. standardized test with our analytics features.

Problem Solving

Analyze your data to determine district, school, grade, class and individual need and create necessary plans and forms in one program. Designed to help implement RtI in your multi-level system of supports.

eduCLIMBER provides you with unlimited possibilites!

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